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Communication Fund


Communication Fund

The Work is Ongoing

Please contribute to the NVR4District8 Communication Fund.  The great work ahead involves you! Help keep the wheels greased as we move forward on the building of our new future.  Funds will be used for communication throughout my term and for campaign efforts in 2019


Contribution rules

Please send your contribution to:

Nancy VanReece 4 Metro Council

209 Marlin Court

Madison, TN  37115

The contribution limits per cycle are $1,500 for individuals and LLCs, $3,000 per couple, and $7,600 for PACs. Corporations wishing to contribute more than $250 must register with the state as a PAC. State law requires that we report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer of any person or entity contributing over $100 to the campaign.

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