Mayor Asks For Deferral on Proposed Nashville USD Expansion to October 13, 2016 Planning Commission Meeting

Good news, most of our property tax rates are expected to go down in Madison at very much the same rate of any increase that would happen with the USD so we are not expected to pay a higher rate. JE McMurty Disposal is amazing, which is why I facilitated a meeting several months ago with them and the Mayor's office so that they can be prepared to bid for this contract should it go through.

I have pledge support to J.E. McMurtry Disposal & Recycling and will do all I can to help them successfully bid for this new work!

If this annexation were to happen, you would no longer have to pay for streetlights (many of you are paying for one) and up to an estimated 150 new lights would go in. Our trash would come with recycling and it may very well be the McMurtry's still collecting it.

Also worth noting, all new development projects in USD are required to build sidewalks so developers will help foot the bill for that public works service. Not so in GSD.  A large warehouse liquor store has reportedly shown interest in some property at Madison Square Shopping Center and that this major retailer has indicated to me that they welcome the opportunity to be in the USD. 

We appreciate you being open and honest with us about this whole process. We plan to keep on keeping on! Thanks!
— Roger McMurtry


Again, Property Tax Rates are anticipated to go DOWN in most of Madison after the 2017 reappraisal as our property values have increased at slower rate than the county's 35% average. And, the new property tax rates are adjusted on the county average. The vast majority of Madison is in the 15-24% property value increase*, which is 11-20% less than average. This means that even with an increased USD rate vs GSD rate, most of us in Madison will pay lower property tax rates after the reappraisal.

Here is a story from WKRN from February 2016 about this.

*As reported in February 2016

I started talking about the possible USD annexation of the north side of our amazing District 8 on doorsteps last year, 2600+ of them. And I continued the discussion at community meetings throughout the year and over many conversations at open office hours.

If we have an opportunity in the north section of District 8 to add street lights for public safety, get sidewalks from any new developments and secure the possibility of increasing small business growth, costing the average homeowner nothing more, if not less, in fees, then this should be done now while our property values are able to absorb it.  

I will be working with the Property Assessor Office, Public Works, Metro Planning, the Mayor's Office and fellow contiguous council Districts to schedule a meeting to go over all the pros and cons of entering into the USD.  I hope that you will attend. 

Link to the Planning Dept.'s searchable map of the proposed USD service expansion area

In a statement, Barry said it became apparent following conversations with public works officials and Metro Council members that some areas of the county are in need of additional public services “in order to sustain and further promote the welfare and safety of the growing urban areas of Metro Nashville.
— The Tennessean
... Madison-area Councilwoman Nancy VanReece, who was elected last fall and plans to co-sponsor the legislation, said her constituents made it overwhelmingly clear during last year’s campaign that they hoped to move into the USD. VanReece’s District 8 currently includes both residents in the USD and GSD.

“It was something that I ran on and it’s something that I know District 8 is excited about,” VanReece said. “The opportunity for Mayor Barry to fulfill her promise of extending prosperity to the county line can be exhibited in this type of activity.

“As the city pushes up over Briley Parkway, it’s clear that all assets that are available to the city need to be afforded in the area,” she said, noting that the area’s current lack of street lights make Madison dark at night.
— The Tennessean

UPDATE: Madison wide Community Meeting To Take Place Saturday, September 24th 10am at the Madison Police Precinct Community Room

Tax Rate Schedule for 2018


Tax Rate Sheet: 3.924 in last year’s GSD to 3.155 to this year’s USD.