Momentum is building in Madison.  Can you feel it?  Madtown moves me. With the late JD Elliot's inspirational challenge to "get all together on this" a roundtable of community leaders has been gathering to make sure that all opportunities are explored and all momentum is fanned with respect. The work of Randall Gross is now entering its 6th month and I’m confident that this strategic planning effort will move Madison forward. The Mayor's office of Economic and Community Development is highly engaged as is the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Signs of the Renaissance

  • The new ownership of the Memorial Hospital 52 acre site continues to be a vital opportunity for District 8's Madtown. We continue to hold on to the optimism that something definite will be planned there very soon.
  • Coffee houses and new entrepreneurs: A new cafe and coffee house is set to open before the end of October both on Briarville Road and on Old Hickory Blvd. The thriving Be.Vintage and the increased love of Mexican bakeries continue to intrigue the village. 
  • Just this month we welcomed the news of cabinet maker Builder Supply Source  move and investment into to D8. Welcome to Madtown!
  • New homes being planned on Cheron, Due West, Chadwell, and Royal Street clearly indicate that the residential demand is moving up the Northeast corridor of Ellington Pkwy. -- Amazing things are happening on Ben Allen and Broadmoor too.  This is great for all of D8 that will increase the Madtown movement with strong neighbors and a great nearby high school like Maplewood.
  • The extension of Neely's Bend across Gallatin Pike to the West is now being tentatively called Station Blvd. by Public Works at my request.  The new road will lead to Madison Station and Amqui Station and all the way up to Old Hickory Blvd.  The first community meeting about the designs of this complete street will take place before Thanksgiving.  This is an amazing opportunity for FiftyForward to reinvest in capital improvements at Madison Station FiftyForward and I hope that the board of the nonprofit will pay attention to their assets in Madison and realize their part in the renaissance.  The businesses on Madison Street and Douglas Street are going to see rapid change in property values and should be making plans.  Andy Ward at Republic Plumbing is already  seizing the opportunity to plan for his dream, a Scottish Pub right in the heart of it all.
  • A renaissance also has a respect for education and the arts. The interior updates to the Madison Library are funded and a part of the movement. The history books will look back and realize that it was the Nossi College of Art that first realized that renaissance was inevitable.
  • A true renaissance includes the study of antiquities and a respect for history: Councilmember Nancy VanReece requests that the Smith-Carter House property be adopted as a Historic Landmark. Staff suggests the Commission recommend to City Council that the Smith-Carter house be adopted as Historic Landmark District and that the existing Historic Landmark Design Guidelines be used to guide future alterations. The site meets the standards of the Ordinance for a Historic Landmark Overlay and is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. - As more locations are identified that qualify for the National Register of Historic Places we will continue to do our best to preserve them.
  • A watchful eye remains on the Star-day King Recording Studio on Dickerson Pike and the Madison Bowling Alley sign among other important Madtown D8 landmarks!

"The movement owed a lot to the increasing sophistication of society, characterized by political stability, economic growth and cosmopolitanism. Education blossomed at this time, with libraries and academies allowing more thorough research to be conducted into the culture of the antique world." -  Art Movements


The Community Meeting this Saturday, September 24th 10-11:30am will  add to our progress as we discuss the inclusion of all of District 8 into the Urban Service District.  

As of the publishing of this post the feed back has been overwhelming positive toward a full District 8 inclusion.

Come explore the pros and cons with us this Saturday.