Share your Voice - Next is Now

The success of a robust transit plan is vital to the economic and social development for all of District 8.  As we see the plan effect North Inglewood, Maplewood and Madison, we are already entertaining amazing vision and opportunity.

I am happy for the work in Donelson at the first TOD (Transit Oriented Development).  I am also happy to hear about the recently extended support to our neighbors to the West on Charlotte and into The Nations.

We KNOW we have been "Next" for a while and Next is Now.

The most asked question I have received has been overwhelming "How do we extend the line from Briley Parkway to Old Hickory Blvd?"  My response is this, "Let's give them a reason to do so."

Madison needs to show up and share their voice about how the highest number of current transit riders will also vote for the funding of this progress.

We will see development Continue to happen For us and not To us.  But, we must share our voice.  Join me Tuesday at the Open House in Madison.