Metro For Us, Not To Us

We had a year of community discussions in 60% of D8 (Madison) about what the annexation meant. We looked very hard as a community about what it meant to enter into a different tax rate ( GSD to USD ). I’m concerned that not enough discussion has happened to raise the rate again, at this time.

I welcome MNPS and NOAH and the Unions (whom I all respect) to work with me to schedule meetings in District 8 to talk about what an additional tax rate increase would do for our community and city. It takes time to provide a fully informed electorate with information.
If I am to fulfill my promise to be transparent & a good steward of tax dollars - we need more time. I’ll be asking for your vote to continue service in ‘19. I’ll be knocking on about 2600 doors. I’ll want to talk to you about this & everything else that matters to you.

Now is Not the time to patronize the electorate with “I know best”. Now is the time to start the discussion so that we arrive at a solution together.

I was available at four community discussions from Thurs- Sunday.  Here it is Monday, the day before the budget vote and it has become It was clear to me that not enough of the general population even knows about the Mendes tax-rate increase amendment to the budget. Of the hundreds of emails that have come to the group inbox for "Council Members" I counted only two that were D8 residence or businesses. And they were split on their opinion. We had a great dialog on a Facebook 'call for feedback' but it was generally split on if now was the time for the rate increase or if now was the time to look at how funds are being spent before a tax rate increase. That was from less than 18 comments from over 600 people that read it.

I do think that this is something that we must talk about throughout the next year and I really do want to set up listening sessions in D8 this autumn and into the spring.

Further, I'd really like all the local Unions to help me.

I need to hear from D8 residences about this and I need help.  How many Union members are also members of or lead neighborhood associations?   I have none that have reached out D8.

Can we work together with the Nashville Neighborhood Resource Center to help start some groups? We need to do better listening and I want to be proactive about that.

These three listed below are the only Neighborhood Associations in District 8 that have reached out to me in the last three years.  They are all small and they meet infrequently.  None have significant social media influence that arranges events or gatherings.

  • Paige's Branch Neighborhood
  • Maynor/Iverson Neighborhood
  • Gra-Mar Neighborhood

I know there are a few HOA's but none have asked to have regular updates from their Councilmember.  I hope they are reading the monthly D8 newsletter (with now nearly 800 subscribed) but none have reached out to me.

At some of our largest gatherings over zoning in the last three years, people come based on a notice in the mail from a developer because it was required by the Planning Dept or from my newsletter.  I spend about $30 per meeting out of the campaign communications fund to try to spread the word through digital marketing but I have no community leaders actually in the neighborhoods to help.

 I welcome the opportunity to schedule meetings with NRC to see about collaboration opportunities.  

My mantra has been from day one upon taking office:  "Development For Us and Not To Us" 

The same must be for all Metro resources.  "Metro For Us and Not To Us".

I look forward to hearing from your neighborhood. Click Here to Schedule


February 24, 2018 meeting on  rezoning for East Cambell Coarsey Farm

February 24, 2018 meeting on  rezoning for East Cambell Coarsey Farm