Alive and Well and Ready to MOVE FORWARD

October 18, 2019

Hey, #Madtown. There was an article on the Nashville Post about Madison Town Center today that caught some folks off guard. I've had many conversations with many people throughout the day. The truth remains this: Tom Corcoran, Tom Corcoran Jr., and Jim Maddox are committed to achieving the vision that the community inspired. They are doing what they said they would do by securing venture capital partners to help achieve that vision. I am 110% on as a chief advocate on the beautiful plans that we all worked on together.

Phase One for affordable and workforce beautiful apartments for seniors and artists by Fifty Forward and Phase Two of a Transit Center with new retail are still both in the planning stage. We will continue to see this story develop, and I am optimistic that the right team will continue to form to make this happen.

I encourage you to re-watch the video and re-look at the vision. The Corcorans will remain involved and look forward to moving forward, together.


Madison Town Center Plan

VIDEO Madison Community Meeting Presenting Plan

October 24, 2019

*Madison Town Center site zoned for massive mixed-use development

AUTHORS William Williams

(Editor's note: This article has been updated to more clearly reflect the nature of the property owners' plans.)