Fifty Forward Connection

at Madison Station Blvd.

When all of us started working on the design of Madison Station Blvd. I was thrilled with the community feedback. Because of it, we are dropping or re-directing NES power lines to Madison Street so we can plant bigger trees. Because of your feedback, the bike lane will be off the road and there will be safe, raised crossings to the future pocket-park behind the Madison Branch Library.

For the Right-Of-Way easement from FiftyForward Madison Station, Metropolitan Nashville Department of Public Works and DBS & Associates Engineering once again worked with the creative and inspiring folks at Hawkins Partners, Inc. Landscape Architects.

The rendering you see will be the new front entrance to the building. We are filling in and raising the front to meet the road and adding active green space in front where the community can gather. You can see the raised safe crosswalk that will calm traffic and allow crossing without stepping off a curb over to the park. The sidewalk will go around to the rear of the building where the entrance for members will still be primary. 

The Madison - Rivergate Area Chamber Of Commerce will have a front entrance and there may even be a cafe in the future.

Thank you, Nashville and all the Madison Community for inspiring such a beautiful publicly funded complete street. It is my honor to shepherd your vision into reality.