There is no question that we live in thriving and diverse neighborhoods. Change continues to come.  It is crucial that we work together to make sure we see the changes we need.

I am encouraged by the new neighborhood associations being formed. It is encouraging not only because it is a signal that people are becoming more engaged in the process.  It is also helpful because it means that we will see more of each other in person and not just online.

We will have important meetings to talk about the Dickerson Road North Planning and the  Gallatin Pike  Design Overlays. We will see the Roots Barn and Madison Station Blvd getting built.  We will consider Transit-Oriented Development at Madison Town Center while work begins on a beautiful residential multi-family community. You will be able to affordably live in this new walkable neighborhood if you are a senior or a part of our growing creative class.

We will see the first ground moved and trees cherished from Broadmoor to Ben Allen on the Trail Oriented Development East Nashville Plan.

I learned a lot during this campaign that we need to work on! North Inglewood and Maplewood and Gra-Mar and Oakwood/Shepardwood are equally thriving and vital. I’ve worked hard to maintain this and with the Oakwood Park investment and Trail Development Overlay —but we need to celebrate this more loudly!  The energy and momentum that is happening in Madison's renaissance should not overshadow all of the goodness that the entire District brings to our amazing city.

I am looking forward to working pro-actively to see our contiguous neighborhoods works in tandem in progressive and equitable ways. Congratulations to Councilmember-Elect Sean Parker in District 5,  Councilmember-Elect Tonya Hancock in District 9, and Councilmember-Elect Zach Young in District 10.

The Google number we set up for the campaign is going to remain active.  You can leave a voice mail or text 931-297-4148 in addition to emailing me at  Please leave your full name, address, and email. You can help by using the HUB Nashville /311 service to take control of your service tickets. Report property violations, sign repairs, speeding problems, trash, litter, potholes, etc.  The mobile app is my favorite way to use it.  Of the  6,407 requests made in District 8 so far, 76% of you prefer calling 311  - that works too!  I am very proud to remain on the committee that reviews this service. Let me know if you see something that could make the HUB more effective.

There is work to do - let's do it together!