UPDATE May 16, 2016: The Neely's Bend / Amqui Station Blvd six million dollar investment is in the spending plan. Join me in thanking Mayor Barry and encouraging Metro Council's Support

Madison Station Blvd. at Gallatin Pike

We've all seen them, those videos of teams of people working hours and hours to set up elaborate domino patterns.  The ultimate goal is to set something into motion.  With Mayor Barry's new Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) proposed for Nashville Metro Council's review, the domino pattern is ready for launch.  There is a $6 million dollar Public Works project for Madison that has been well over ten years in the making.

The Neely's Bend Road /Madison Station Blvd extension from Neely's Bend through to Madison Street and the complete streetscaping for what is known as "downtown Madison" to Old Hickory Blvd. has been something that the communities of both District 7, 8 and 9 have asked for.

The Nashville Next plan placed the area squarely into a Tier One development support. The dedication of the owners of the properties of Madison Square Shopping, the Madison/Rivergate Chamber and tenacity, along with countless hours of domino-setting, is about to result in a beautiful chain reaction of development happening  for us and not just to us.

We'll be working diligently to  keep this in the budget and get the community involved in this project as soon as it is approved and content is prepared for feedback.  I know you want more information, I do too! It's coming soon.  There will be a month for the reviews to take place. Please encourage all the Metro Council members to support this investment.

Oakwood Park

Metro Parks has successfully requested $969k for a major improvement to Oakwood Park. Oakwood is the only park in District 8 and its neglect has finally been recognized.  With more residential development coming to the area, there is even more reason to support this as a destination park with an amazing view of the downtown skyline that sits just off Ellington Parkway between Trinity Lane and Hart Lane. If the budget is approved, the community will have a major say in the direction of the improvements which could include: a road the top of the hill, lighting,  playground, dog park, band shell, dirt bike trails, hiking trails, the resurfacing of the basketball courts and more.  Please encourage all the Metro Council members to support this investment.

Please keep in mind that this is purely conceptual for budgeting purposes only.  No design has occurred.  Should funding be allocated, we would include the community in any planning process.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PROPOSAL

I will continue to work hard on the many projects happening around District 8 and rely on your feedback along the way.

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